Pharmavite San Fernando

Time was short. With temperatures creeping into the 90’s and triple digit summer in the forecast, the team had to act swiftly before air and water cooling demands peaked. Barden Electric, Inc. recognized that there was not enough electrical capacity at the existing transformer to support the planned facility expansion, and alerted the engineering staff.

Through collaboration with the facility engineering project managers, the local utility and a design engineer, it was determined the right solution was to swiftly add a new 2500KVA transformer and a 4000A main service.

Were the plant to go down, millions of units would be lost each hour making it impossible to fill the year’s orders on time costing millions of dollars.

Barden Electric proposed using 4000A copper bus way to feed the switchgear to save weeks of labor running conduit. Barden also lowered the switchgear through a hole in the roof to shave off the time to move the heavy equipment through the 24/7 operation and up to the mechanical mezzanine.

These innovations in the clutch got the project completed in time to avert disaster and keep the facility on target.

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