Ensuring Code-Compliant Expansion and Renovation Projects


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Electrical Load Surveys

In the realm of electrical systems, the age-old adage holds – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At Barden Electric, we understand the paramount importance of preemptive measures, and that’s why we specialize in conducting comprehensive 72-hour and 30-day load surveys.

Our expertise in load surveys extends across diverse sectors, including Health Care, industrial facilities, and commercial buildings. Clients trust Barden Electric, Inc. (BEI) to deliver meticulous surveys, providing accurate data crucial for code-compliant expansion and renovation projects.


Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology, our team ensures precision in every aspect of the load survey process. The resulting reports furnished to our clients, are not mere documents but detailed compilations enriched with informative graphs.


These reports serve as invaluable tools, empowering our clients to make informed decisions when planning for additional equipment and gear. By offering insights into the current state of electrical loads, we provide the peace of mind that comes with the assurance that no system is overloaded.

More than just electrical services

At Barden Electric, we go beyond electrical services – we provide the confidence and assurance needed for seamless and secure electrical infrastructure planning. Trust BEI for excellence in electrical load surveys, setting the foundation for a future-proof and resilient electrical environment